Olivia Palermo does Vogue’s ‘Today I’m Wearing…’

I’m a huge fan of MTV’s The City as posted before, and an even bigger fan of its resident bad girl Olivia Palermo. In fact I think she’s not evil at all, just confident, honest, motivated, and maybe just a little bit used of getting her own way! Many probably wont agree with me, but one defo cannot argue about the fact that the girl has got style… So much style that Vogue have chosen her for their daily slot ‘Today I’m Wearing‘ for the month of April. The best thing about Olivia’s style is that its very simple to recreate as she uses a mix of designer clothes and high street – she’s an avid shopper in Zara and Topshop according to the outfits posted so far.

Olivia is a true New York socialite, the daughter of a real estate developer and an interior designer, and was born into the NY social clique. She is only 24 years of age and is dating Johannes Huebl, a male model. Besides her role in The City, she is known for a fall out with fellow socialite Tinsley Mortimer and the now infamous email she sent – or someone pretended she sent – to the members of the NY social scene asking for acceptance…

Vogue interviewed Olivia and asked her about her style, influences and habits. On her style essentials she said “I can’t live without my YSL Tribute heels and my Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Everybody thinks it’s the clothing that makes an outfit, but more often than not it’s the accessories“.

She metions Victoria Beckham, Bensoni, Valentino, Rachel Roy, Matthew Williamson, Scott Schuman and Coco Chanel when talking about her style, her influences and who she admires in the fashion world. My favourite quote from the piece is on her favourite fashion possession: “It’s a cliché, but I remember when I got my first Hermes Birkin. It was such a pivotal moment – especially living in New York – to have received it. It was like joining a fashion clique and finally becoming one of the tribe. While I use it now occasionally, it always reminds me of how I’ve progressed stylistically and how cyclical fashion is“.

And in a mantra I believe in myself, she leaves us with this piece of advice “It’s all about piecing things together to make closet staples look fresh and interesting“.


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