A post about Cynthia Rowley, Roxy and surfing!

Being from the West of Ireland, and having lived most of my life on the coast, it was always going to be that the sea would be a big love of my life. On certain weekends at the beach I can be spotted in my flipflops, a Roxy hoodie and my turned up boyfriend jeans embracing my beachy wavy hair – a world away from my work wardrobe! I love how cool the real surfer chicks back home are, and they seem to have an effortless style even in their very casual look.

Roxy has been a name synonymous with stylish surfer gear since the 90’s. The brand sells everything from clothing to accessories to perfume, and is particularly popular with the surf and snow communities. American designer Cynthia Rowley is known for what The New York Times has called “flirty, vibrantly colored dresses and tops in wispy materials”. So it wasn’t entirely shocking to hear of the two’s collaboration! Rowley herself is a surfer and this is evident in her first collaboration (of 3) for Roxy that went on sale in selected outlets last week.

Roxy said of the collaboration: “Inspired by a shared love for surf, sun and fashion, consisting of sportswear, swim, accessories and shoes, the Cynthia Rowley for Roxy collection is all you need to throw into a bag and head out the door to your next adventure“.

Surfing seems to have exploded as a sport in Ireland in the last couple of years. Every weekend at home the water is full of people of all ages on boards no matter what the weather. And I have yet to meet someone who has tried surfing and hasn’t been hooked! If you are still looking for motivation to take up the sport, its one of the best full body workouts I have ever found 🙂

*Random aside*

My bro is selling his beautiful custom board here, perfect for intermediates!


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