Modern Family & the iPad: a match made in heaven

Modern Family is possibly the funniest show on TV at the moment. I was talking about it in work recently and was explaining that its the first show I’ve ever watched where I like ALL the characters! I adore the relationship between Cameron and Mitch and the clear stereotypes they play up to. I think Jay and Gloria are perfectly suited and so convincing and Gloria is just beautiful and funny and clever (girl crush much?!) and well you get it…

But Phil is without a doubt the best character. He’s the big kid that will never grow up even though he has 3 crazy kids of his own now. But its his drole innocence, his youthful ideals and his never-wrong attitude that make me laugh everytime.

The latest episode was all about Phil’s birthday and his excitement over the iPad going on sale that same day. If ever Apple wanted a way to increase the hype over their latest product, making it the central story in this episode was ingenious! Seeing it in Claire’s hands with the birthday cake on it, all sleek and shiny and new, sealed the deal for me – I now want an iPad!


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