Like hairbands much??

My sister is obsessed with hairbands and head pieces. She’s like the Blair Waldorf of Dublin. The last time we were in New York she bought so many beautiful hairbands in Henri Bendel’s, she was on a first name basis with the staff who insisted on gift wrapping everything. She’s off holidaying at the moment but when she gets home I have to direct her straight to Aisling Maher’s site of bespoke headpieces.

Aisling is a young Irish designer specialising in head pieces, hats and brooches. Having studied design for six years, her wares are designed with a focus on quality materials and a unique look. A friend of mine introduced me to Aisling’s work a couple of weeks ago and I have been browsing on her site since, deciding what beautiful piece I am going to purchase. This one is a particular favourite:

Aisling’s contact details are available on her website, and she is available to design custom pieces. Think of Race season coming up girls – no better way to stand out from the crowd and compliment your outfit than with a bespoke head piece!


4 thoughts on “Like hairbands much??

  1. I’m loving the beeautiful hairband she made for me for my birthday! I’ll let her know about the blog post, she’ll be thrilled 🙂

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