Jónsi: a mini profile

Heard of Jónsi yet?? Well you will soon if you haven’t already!

Jónsi Birgisson is one of the acts announced for Electric Picnic that a lot of people are already freaking out about. I figured I would do a short profile on him, to introduce those who have yet to be enthralled – and it could serve as a helpful conversation piece once Festival Talk starts (as it inevitably does!) in the pub.

You probably already know Jónsi without realising it, as he is the guitarist/vocalist from Icelandic group Sigur Rós. Conveniently Sigur Rós are on a hiatus at the moment so Jónsi was free to explore his own musical path. Not that his sound veers too much from the sound of his band – he still sings in that wonderful falsetto and combines it with that ethereal, mysterious sound we are already familiar with. He does however sing in English for a change!

Jónsi’s debut album ‘Go’ will be released in April but it has already been widely leaked on the internet. The acoustic/electronic sound is teamed with string arrangements from classical composer Nico Muhly, already recognised for his work with Grizzly Bear and Antony & The Johnsons.

‘Go Do’ is the first single from the album, but you might hear the song ‘Sticks & Stones’ getting a lot of airtime also, thanks to it being used over the closing credits of Dreamworks latest offering ‘How to train your Dragon’. I love this version of MGMT’s ‘Time to Pretend’ he covered on Live Lounge recently:

Jónsi is a name that’s going to be on everyone’s lips this summer, be warned!


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