Over the rainbow: The Irish connection

Last Saturday on BBC we were treated to the 1st episode of ‘Over the Rainbow‘, the follow up to the hugely popular ‘I’d do anything…’, the latest TV talent show by Andrew Lloyd Webber. ‘Over the Rainbow’ will see 10 girls competing for the opportunity to play Dorothy in a new West End production of The Wizard of Oz.

Judges Sheila Hancock, Charlotte Church and John Partridge will tonight whittle 20 girls down to the final 10 who will go on to perform in the live shows from next week. And in tonight’s 20 there are 3 Irish ladies fighting for survival so here’s hoping we see them get through!

Katie Honan, 19, Waterford

Emma Warren, 20, Dublin

Philippa O’Hara, 23, Belfast

So will we see one of our own become the next Judy Garland? Tune in tonight and tomorrow night for the results!

This is also on TV3 but I think they are a week behind. How unsurprising…


2 thoughts on “Over the rainbow: The Irish connection

  1. Damn I only have TV3…I didn’t realise I was behind….or that there were Irish girls….how TERRIBLE are some of the acts that are making it through so far….Judy is tossing and turning in her grave right now!

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