The Hills no more….

MTV announced today that the upcoming season of The Hills will be the last. In the past 6 seasons we have seen friendships created and torn apart, scandal, sex tapes, teen Vogue closets, lots of product placement, tiny dogs, fashion fuelled trips to Paris, marriage and alcohol addiction. And this final season plans to build on that! According to Adam DiVello, the creator, this season will follow Heidi as she unveils her new post-surgery face and body to her mom, Kristin as she deals with those rumours about drug abuse, Stephanie’s struggle with sobriety, and Audrina’s new boyf Ryan Cabrera. I wonder will golden girl Lauren Conrad return to say goodbye to the show that officially propelled her into the limelight….

I graduated from Laguna Beach to The Hills and have to admit I was a huge fan! I loved Lauren in the first couple of seasons and all the drama was fun and easy to latch onto. We all knew it was staged to a point but it didn’t matter. However the last two seasons have been drawn out, over the top, boring and pointless – but I still watched them! But they were much harder to believe and seeing countless snaps of all the girls out and about in LA and clearly getting on, made the lie that was The Hills more unbearable. I will tune in to see how this season pans out but I don’t think I will miss The Hills like I might have done a couple of seasons ago. One of my fav moments from the best season, season 2, here:

Season 2 of The City is back too. I was convinced it was season 3 but apparently the first season was just broken into two long parts. I think it looks like my new obsession 🙂 I adore Olivia Palermo and would watch this purely to see her, her clothes, her hair, and her attitude! And her attitude seems to be out in force this season as her battle with Erin in the Elle offices continues – the season opens with Joe Zee deciding that Olivia should be the face of Elle TV, giving her a position of authority she hasn’t had there before, which could be detrimental to Whitney’s new fashion line… Yes Whit is about to showcase her collection at NY Fashion Week and at least has Kelly in her corner. But Roxy hasn’t shown herself to be one for the background – I reckon she could find a way to ruin things for Whitney this season! I have searched the web high and low for the trailer that’s been posted on but to no avail – stupid country restrictions! Will update once I find one…

The Hills final season airs on April 27th in the US so probably May in Ireland. The City season 2 will air the same night.


3 thoughts on “The Hills no more….

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  2. I am obsessed with The Hills/The City!! The Hills is defo not half as good since Lauren left but I still can’t wait for the new series! Did you see the “Lauren Conrads words of wisdom” facebook page? She had some special quotes!

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