Alfie’s – I heart you!

After much talk of this place on South William Street, and many threats of an early Friday there, I finally made it to Alfie’s last night. And jeez am I glad I did! The little sis regularly goes on about this place with its lure of €5 cocktails and a barely-believable €14 early bird menu, so I knew I had to get there once pay day came around (February was a tough month on the pocket!!!). And meeting with an old friend served as the perfect excuse to test it out – him being a fellow food lover.

So off myself and himself headed. Without a booking we got in about 6pm and got a nice little table down the back. The interior is long and skinny, with high tables out the front and little cosy corners and tables down the back. A carafe of wine was €12 (I think) and the choice of red was very tasty at this price. My friend started with the duck salad which we both agreed was delicious and huge! I had the fishcakes which were like all fishcakes really, but very filling and for my main I had a chicken penne dish which was so tasty! I had actually gone for this because I was feeling a little off and thought it would be a nice bland choice but it was the opposite 🙂 On the other side of the table, the scallops were going down a treat also. My dishes were all part of the early bird menu, which was excellent value and more than enough even though the portions are smaller than off the regular menu.

Off we headed to Bruxelles (the beautiful and talented Ciara Ashmore was playing) with our bellies full, and more than enough wine, raving to everyone who would listen about Alfie’s and how we were going back as soon as possible. Perfect place for a date, after work banter, Saturday pre-drinking lining or a catch up with Mum! Next time I’m going is with the girls so cocktails will be had….


One thought on “Alfie’s – I heart you!

  1. Oh what would you do about my never ending list of places that serve cheap cocktails??! Always a great night to be had in Alfies – espesh when followed by a night in Bruxelles with your favourite! 🙂

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