Confession Time!

Ok its time to admit it…. My name in Niamh and I’m a Jersey Shore addict!!!!

Last weekend I watched season 1 Jersey Shore, start to finish (there’s only a couple of episodes) and now I’m itching for season 2 to get commissioned! For the uninitiated, Jersey Shore is the latest MTV reality offering, along the lines of The Real World – but with guidos! So there’s 8 housemates living on the New Jersey Shore for a Summer in a nice big gaff with a crappy partime job on the beach and of course they get up to all sorts. Hottubs, nakedness, fights, bitch fights, alcohol, falling over, puking, cursing, kissing – and thats just the first episode! Its actually just really funny and over the top and thats why I love it. And there has never been a reality TV star like Mike ‘The Situation’!

GTL baby! (Thats Gym-Tan-Laundry btw…)


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