Alice in Wonderland

Every year the Dublin International Film Festival (JDIFF) rolls around, I nearly make myself sick with excitement over one of the movies. Last year it was Gran Torino, and this year it was Alice in Wonderland (in 3D) – though I was also pretty excited about ‘I love you Philip Morris’ and ‘Shutter Island’.

So on Sunday afternoon me and the boyf headed off to the Savoy cinema along with hundreds of other Alice/Burton/Depp fans. I cant say I was disappointed as such, but I wasn’t as gushing about this as I was about Gran Torino last year. Visually its a beautiful movie and in 3D this is even more spectacular. The costumes are stunning as is the cast. The story however was a bit meh… But I wont ruin it for you lot! I would still recommend people go see this, if only for Helena Bonham Carter’s scene about the ‘fat boys’ 😀 And of course all Burton fans will love it, as its in keeping with his usual line of movie.

A nice surprise afterwards was the live chat with Timothy Spall & the dashing Michael Sheen who were there to talk about their parts in the movie (Bayard the dog & the white rabbit). Pity no Johnny Depp!


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