Oh Rob….

Does anyone else find Rob Kearney kind of annoying??! Loving this story from The Herald ‘Girlfriend Susie was my crutch in Paris injury heartache reveals Rob’. Hmmmmmmm.

Tommy Bowe on the other hand…. Mmmmmmmmm.


2 thoughts on “Oh Rob….

  1. No I don’t find him remotely annoying. That paper writes the biggest amount of rubbish. Tommy Bowe is not annoying either. I think they’re both super talented.

    • Yea the Hearld isn’t exactly impartial 🙂 And I didn’t mean to offend either lads playing skills as I think both are fantastic! I have to say though, back in Feb when I wrote this, Rob was courting the press to an awful extent. He’s much improved since though and seems to be focused on the game! Kinda like when BOD started out and he was pictured at every opening and in every paper for soundbytes, but then learned to let rugby be his only issue. I love all our boys in green 😀

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