iPad? I probably won’t….

After much hype and predictable fanfare, Apple latest offering, the iPad, was launched at the end of January. Now, anyone who knows me will testify that I love my Mac, and my iPod, and my boyf’s iPhone, and all the lovely accessories and apps, and the sleek design and clean lines – yes I’m most definitely an Apple fan! That said, I have little interest in the iPad and actually was expecting a lot more from Mr Jobs… Have we just come to expect too much from Apple, a constant innovater and first-mover? Is the iPad a distraction so that Apple can have a little more time to produce ‘the next big thing’? Or am I alone in my thinking and do people love the newest, shiniest, Apple product? At the moment, people on Twitter and techie sites seem very split. I just think its a bigger version of the iPhone… And I’d prefer to have one of those!

Rather than re-hashing everything I have read online in this post, Mashable have come up with a great overview here.


My big bro who is a total IT nerd, loves the iPad apparently and is defo gonna get one. I have a horrible feeling that once I spend an hour testing his out, I will have to retract this post…. :-O


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